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Weight Management Programs

Our medical weight management program tailors a program for you with the focus on lifestyle changes.

HCG-Peptides-Hormone Replacement-Vitamin Therapy-Medications

All programs have a holistic approach of supporting the patient in a well rounded healthy life.  

All programs include:

Behav­ioral and stress man­age­ment skills

Exer­cise and Nutrition Guides 

Med­ica­tion management options

Meta­bol­ic dis­ease risk assessment

Supportive community and Education center

Call our office for more information or to book your consultation! 


Ideal Patient:


-Stress eating or food craving

-Excessive Central Abdominal Fat

Recommended with MICC injections or men's TRT for fertility preservation


1 Month of Medication supply

-Weekly B12 Injections 

-1 MICC Fat Burner Shot


Unde the tongue



*Minimal 12 Week Program Commitment

Medication Cost:

Starts at $300 Monthly 


Ideal Patient: 

-Needs Significant Weight Los

-Food Cravers

-Type 2 diabetics


-Excessive Abdominal Fat

-Ideal with regular diet and exercise

Includes :

-Weekly Injection Appointment

-4 Semiglutide/B12 Injections

-4 Lipo Injections

Route: Once weekly injections Minimal of 12 Week program.

Medication Cost: Starting at $500 Monthly


Ideal Patient:

-Excessive Central Abdominal Fat

-Poor Sleep Quality  

​-Dedicated to weight managment

-Ideal with fasting 

(This peptide can increase hunger and should be used with an appetite suppressant to maximize benefits.)


1 Month of Medication supply

-Weekly B12 Injections

-1 Glutathione Detox Shot

-1 MICC Fat Burner Shot

*Minimal of 12 Month commitment. 


Medication Cost:

Starts at $350 Monthly 


Ideal Patient:

Struggles with weight management with concerns for diabetes, high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome (As your provider for clarification)

-Use in combination with other medications for improved weightless but focused on internal health improvement and disease management. 


1 Month of medication

2- B12 injections


$150 per month


Ideal Patient:

-Excessive Eating

-Needs appetite curving


1 Month of Medication supply

-1 MICC Fat Burner Injection

*Minimal of 12 week program commitment. 

Medication Cost:

$200 Monthly


Ideal Patient:

-Supports Estrogen Production

-Promotes weight loss

-Improves sports performance

Improves muscle mass

-Slowing of the aging process

-Combating bone density loss in women!


1 capsule daily


-Boost testosterone

-Improves Immune System

-Promotes Weight Loss

-Enhances Libido

-Improves sports performance and muscle mass building

-Works very well with TRT/HRT


1 Month of Medication

2-B12 Injections

Cost: $125 per Month

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation for any weight management program will include:


-Body & Weight Measurements

-Binge Eating Questionnaire

-Therapy option review with shared decision making for the program to best improve health and weight loss results

-Education & Counseling regarding treatment plan, medications, nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

-Exercise program with a Cardiac Exercise Regimen, Nutritional Guide, and Weekly Exercise Plans

-B12 Injection

-Basic Labs for Evaluation (must be completed before initial evaluation for adequate management)

COST: Inclusive for $200 for only initial evaluation (does not include medications)

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Monthly Follow Ups

The monthly follow up includes:

-Ongoing assessment

-Supportive Continuing Education & Counseling

-B12 Injection

-Continued Medication Management

COST: Inclusive for $100/month or appointment (does not include medications cost)

All programs require a 3 month commitment to participate.

Sign up for a 3 month subscription for 10% off when paying in advance!

All program members will receive 10% off all other services!

Community support

Join our health community for support and positive motivation to meet your health goals!

-Ask questions and get answers!

-Access forms and educational information to keep you informed!


*All programs require a 3 month contract commitment with an automatic subscription plan. 

*Office visit fees are due at the time of service without exception.

*All weight management programs and medications are cash only and are not covered by commercial insurance.  All medication will be available for in office pick up or home delivery.

*All results vary by age, gender, health status, diet and exercise regimens among other variables.

*It is recommended to adhere to a healthy diet and exercise routine for ideal results!

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