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Ingredients & Uses

Vitamin B12

Energy Boost

High Dose Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 vitamin deficiency can effect the body energy, mental clarity and mood. Taking a high dose Vitamin D injection will give 100% absorption for restoring the body for ideal functioning.  


The proper Vitamin B12 levels are necessary for proper brain and central nervous system functioning, red blood cell formations and proper metabolism.  


$40 each
Package of 3 for $110

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D deficiency risk increases with age.  Commonly we recognize the symptoms of deficiency such as fatigue, bone pain, muscle weakness, muscle aches, muscle cramps, mood changes and depression. 


Vitamin D injection supplement is 100% absorbed and helps the body to fight diseases, aids in bone and muscle strength, and boosts weightless with its antioxidant benefits. 


$40 each
Package of 3 for $100

Biotin Beauty


The Biotin Beauty boost assists the body in producing  stronger and healthier hair, nails, and skin.  It assists in fighting acne and hydrating skin. Biotin helps to prevent hair loss and strengthens brittle nails!


$35 each
Package of 3 for $90


Tri-immunity Shot

Vitamin C + Glutathione + Zinc

This drip is focused on all around immune boost in one quick injection!  This injection is ideal for the covid/cold/flu season, before/after travel, or during an active illness. 


This is the perfect booster in-between immunity IVs!


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Lipo-Mino Mix 

Fat Burning + Energy + Appetite Suppressant

This blended mix assists your body in converting food to energy, breaks down sugars and carbohydrates into energy, supports healthy nerve functioning and muscle recovery while increasing metabolism and decreasing your appetite.​

For Ideal results, we recommend maintaining a healthy exercise and nutrition regimen. 

Burn fat, feel energized and boost your metabolism!



Fat Burning Formula

The MICC formula is specifically for improving stubborn fat burning.  It helps to break down sugars and carbohydrates and convert them into energy, improves flushing of stubborn fat, and decreases muscle recovery time after exercise.

The MICC injection is ideal when paired with healthy eating and exercise to maximize your results. 

Glutathione Detox 


Gluthatione naturally decreases in our bodies as we age, fight chronic illnesses or have poor health. 


This powerful antioxidant helps to improve cellular function, aids in recovery of illnesses and is a universal toxin binder!


This injection is ideal for a holistic full body detox!

Toradol Shot

Pain Control

Toradol is a high dose NSAID used for inflammation and pain control. Toradol is specifically recommended for moderate to severe pain control. 

It can be used for post-operative pain management, headaches, migraines, arthritis, gout, and acute injury or overuse caused by physical exercise. 

Toradol cannot be used in combination of blood thinners. 


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