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Consultations are free with purchase of Botox.

$35  for consultation without purchase. 

(Deducted from final purchase cost)

APRIL SPECIAL $11 per Unit!


Smooth away wrinkles, minimize fine lines and regain younger looking skin!

Jeuveau is ideal for mild to moderate frown lines, especially to the forehead and between the eyebrows. 

$15 per unit

Botox By Area

Typical units vary by area and client

-FROW LINES (11'S) --- 20-24 units

-FOREHEAD --- 8-16 units

-CROWS FEET -- 16-28 units

-BUNNY LINES (Nose) -- 4-12 units

-BROW LIFT -- 4-10 units

-LIP FLIP -- 8-10 Units

-CHIN -- 4-8 Units

-MASSETERS -- 20-60 Units 


Get rid of brow furrows and eye crinkles creating a smooth and youthful appearance.  

Dysport is a botulinum toxin used ideally in moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lines caused by aging. 

$15 per unit

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Host perks!

5 guests--$15 per unit

6-10 guests- $14 per unit

11-15 guests- 20 FREE UNITS!

To Book a Party contact the office at 815-730-1880 for more information. 

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